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Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Using stainless steel posts between the glass panels, this glass pool fence has an attractive look. All our glass is 12mm toughened clear glass made to Australian standards. All our posts and fittings are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel.

The gates

You can choose whether you want a gate which is 800mm wide, 850mm wide or 900mm wide.

All our hardware complies with AS/NZS1926.1 (Safety Barriers for pools)

Protective coating on the glass

Enduroshield is a very thin invisible coating/barrier that is applied to the glass to prevent staining, streaking or water marking. This barrier reduces the build-up of water chemicals, dirt and minerals so that your pool fence will look newer for longer. This coating can be applied directly after installation, or even retro applied. Phone us for a quote.

Or if you want to DIY

Please visit our other products supply only page or see our online brochure

Checklist for a Semi-frameless pool fence:

What shape of posts suit your home? Round or square?
Are they going into paving or onto decking?
Do you need any specials panels for stairs?
Do you want protective coating?
Do you need any additional fittings for the posts?
Do you prefer to have glass clamps?
Do you need installation brackets to hold the fence while the grout dries?