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Glass Fencing Perth & Sydney

Ask yourself some questions
What would you like in a pool fence?
Who do you want installing your safety boundary?
Do you want to call them back in 6 months’ time?
Do you want something a bit different or special, but still within your budget?
Then consider installing a Metforce frameless or semi-frameless pool fence or Balustrade.
We literally have dozens of designs to choose from.

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Why Metforce

METFORCE is a strong brand you can trust.

Dealing with Metforce will ensure your warranty is carried for years to come and you will have the peace-of-mind that all the products used in your fence or balustrade are NATA tested.

With our expert installers you will not be left with a safety boundary which is questionable. All our work is carried out to the relevant codes and standards.

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What is NATA

NATA stands for National Association of Testing Authorities. This means that everything is tested in Australia to not only comply with all building codes and standards, but tested to good engineering practices as well.

Why is this important?
Building codes are there to generally ensure that builders adhere to certain standards but on glass boundaries, we don’t believe they are sufficient.

So all Metforce products are tested to a higher standard.

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Protective Coating on Glass

We can apply a nano-coating onto the glass making ordinary glass surfaces easier to clean.  It bonds to the surface of the glass.

Surfaces treated with this protective shield have a protective barrier whereby water and contaminants are prevented from soaking in and will instead bead-up on top of the coating.

For a small extra fee, your cleaning will be significantly reduced. It is also ideal for areas where the glass may come into contact with reticulated ground water.

Ask us about this coating and the pricing.