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About Us


All our glass is produced to Australian standards and stamped accordingly.

All our balustrade glass is heat soaked.

All our spigot clamps are produced from a Duplex Stainless Steel grade 2205 for extra protection against the environments and ALL tested to NATA. See below for more on what this means to you.

All our latches and hinges are produced to the highest standards available in Australia.

And if you require a top rail (if it’s balustrading), all our top rails are also NATA tested and accredited.


Our teams of professional installers have been doing this for many years and we don’t leave anything to chance. We pay attention to every detail and you will be guaranteed the best quality installation which will comply with any and all local and national building codes and standards. Our teams use quality equipment which ensures an accurate and on-time job.


Equipment that not only complies with all building regulations and codes, but is all NATA accredited.

Installation that is quick, clean and spot on.

We come on-time and we don’t leave a mess behind.


NATA stands for National Association of Testing Authorities.

These are laboratories and on-site testing companies that comply and are accredited with the Association logo.

They test equipment, products and installations to not only comply with building codes, but can test to destruction to ensure that all materials exceed codes and standards.

All Metforce products have been tested to exceed building codes. Not just meet them.

At Metforce we do not believe that the existing building codes are sufficient and this results in many smaller companies importing materials that will meet the building codes, but may not be of sound quality as far as normal Engineering standards are concerned. We see this as a risk to you so we insist that all our products be tested to rather meet the Metforce quality code.

To see all our NATA certificates, click on this link


If you want to attempt your own installation, we have the biggest range you can imagine.

Visit METFORCE main website for details.